Västerbottensost Besökscenter

Västerbottensost Besökscenter


Västerbottensost Besökscenter

In the middle of Burträsk, next to the dairy where the cheese Västerbottensost is made, is the visitors centre. Here the visitor can get close to the cheese and learn all about it - well, all except the recipe that is. Questions like "Why can't the cheese be made somewhere other than Burträsk?" may be answered. 

The only place in the world where Västerbottensost can be made. Could it be the 140 year old secret recipe? Or perhaps it's the cows that live and graze in and around Burträsk? What is the secret? In the shop you'll find several different kinds of Västerbottensost together with a range of delicious accompaniments. On the restaurant and café menu there's always a range of inspired dishes that show off the culinary versatility of Västerbottensost. Meet Sweden’s most famous cheese - Västerbottensost, in the visitors centre next to the only place in the world where it can be made - the dairy in Burträsk. This mysterious cheese has so many secrets and most of them will be explained in the exhibition - but not all…

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    Västerbottensost Besökscenter

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    Västerbottensost Besökscenter

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