Nutti, Sami people

Reindeer sledding


Reindeer sledding

Nutti Sámi Siida is a well established Sámi (Lappish) ecotourism company in Jukkasjärvi village, in northernmost part of Sweden.

The indigenous Sámi peoples’ traditional homeland is called Sápmi, a vast area more known as Lapland above the Arctic Circle. Between December and April they invite you to share their unique way of life, traditions and culture. The packages include driving reindeer and sleeping in cosy cabins at the small camp *Reindeer Lodge* and in a lávvu, the traditional Sámi tepee. You will taste the Sámi cuisine, relax while taking a sauna bath and enjoy the northern lights decorating the night sky. Taking care of your reindeer and driving it with a sled through the wintry and breathtaking landscape makes you come close to nature and yourself. 

There a shorter trips, including “Ráidu” and “Vuoján” and longer trips up to 8 days. You also can extend your visit to Sápmi by staying one night at the world-famous Icehotel which is close by.

These are one of the most remarkable and memorable trip you will ever take, provided by a renowned Sámi ecotourism company that is certified by Nature’s Best, the quality label for ecotourism in Sweden, and Sápmi Experience which is a label for responsible and quality secured Sámi tourism.


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