Norrängens Alpacka - Bed & Breakfast - Alpacka Gård


Welcome to Norrängens Alpacka - Bed & Breakfast on our Alpaca Farm ! Stay at our alpaca farm and feel the grass between your toes, pet the animals and enjoy nature. Enjoy a unique experience with a tranquil forest on your doorstep but charming city-life close-by with much to experience. The town of Sala is barely 10km away, or journey to the cosmopolitan city of Stockholm in just 1½ hours. 

In the local area you can find a farmer’s market, diverse shopping, top-rated restaurants and many other attractions including Sala’s art museum, park and historical silver mine. Back at our farm you can cuddle our friendly alpacas, watch peacocks walking by and unwind by our small lake, then stroll around the beautiful countryside or go fishing on Lake Storljusen, which is within walking distance. We offer Bed & Breakfast in our newly renovated barn which has a fascinating history. Just relax and feel at home. Welcome to Norängens Alpacka! ”Norrängens Alpacka offers a different and unique experience. Visitors are given the opportunity to experience the life on an alpaca farm during one day or over a longer period. Overnight facilities are available at the farm.”

Alpacas are special Animals are good for your health – it’s been scientifically proven you feel physically and emotionally better when you spend time with them. Close contact can work better than medicines and can have a positive impact on both your heart rate and blood pressure. This is exactly what happens when you meet a cute little alpaca! Levels of the ‘feel-good’ hormone oxytocin rise and the stress hormone cortisol decreases when you have contact with our alpacas – fantastic! When you meet them, our alpacas will awaken feelings of care and protection within you. By spending time with them they’ll teach you to be less stressed. Alpacas are quiet, easy to handle and gentle. They want to hang out with somebody who is calm, pleasant, sweet-natured and good tempered! With excellent eyesight and hearing they observe their surroundings and always notice what’s going on. Alpacas are considered the perfect therapy animal, they seem to have a sense for human needs and are curious about new surroundings and people. For an alpaca, every human is of equal value. They don’t care whether we’re big, small, or have light or dark skin. With their mild and loving personalities they light up the day for children, adults, those who are ill, or anyone who needs to have a break and become less stressed! Alpaca wool is lustrous and silky, and considered one of the finest quality wools in the world. It is not reported to cause any allergies and is completely free of lanolin or grease, while being warmer than sheep’s wool and incredibly soft. The luxurious glossy wool is seven times stronger than sheep’s wool, is fire-resistant, and has such incredible heat-insulating properties it can protect against both heat and cold. The alpaca’s wool is available in 22 different colours, which makes the alpaca the most colorful wool producing animal. The wool is cut once a year in spring. Hear at Norrängens Alpacka we believe that the interaction with our wonderful animals is a unique and precious pleasure. Each day we enjoy hearing our alpacas ‘hum’ and ruminate. It makes us realize how fortunate we are as alpaca owners!

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