Marsfjället Nature Reserve

Marsfjället Nature Reserve


Marsfjället Nature Reserve

This is southern Lapland. This is Marsfjället Nature Reserve. This is off-the-scale, natural wilderness ‘Sweden-style’, with 86,000 hectares of alpine peaks and ancient pine forest populated by bears, elk, the rare arctic fox, owls and other birdlife and magnificent alpine flora.

The Marsfjället Nature Reserve lies 100 km northwest of Vilhelmina in the untouched southern Lapland wilderness. The highest peak here is Marsfjället mountain at 1,587 metres, the centerpiece of the reserve, that is surrounded by seemingly unending coniferous, pine and birch forest, lakes and wetlands, interspersed by streams full of alpine char and other fish.

Don’t forget that this is the land of the Midnight Sun all summer long and the Northern Lights in springtime. There are various hiking and trekking trails, as well as other outdoor activities throughout the Marsfjället Nature Reserve. There is also chalet accommodation in the reserve.

Otherwise bring a tent and enjoy your own bit of paradise.

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