The Store Mosse National Park


The Store Mosse National Park in southern Sweden is the largest mire south of Lapland. Doesn’t sound wildly impressive, but this unique wetland environment gives life to hundreds of species of flora and fauna. That makes it very important. The Store Mosse you is an area rich in forest, glades, lakes, sandbanks and shimmering aquatic environments. It is the perfect place to introduce your children to ornithology, nature preservation and flora and fauna.

Highlights of a trip to Store Mosse are Björnakullen, offering great views of the park, Lake Kävsjön, a famous bird sanctuary, and the 40 kilometres of hiking path that criss-cross the park. Don’t miss the eagle feeding early in the morning when these great birds swoop down for a feeding frenzy laid on by the park. Kids love it.

The Naturum exhibition centre in the park is fabulously informative, and perhaps the only nature exhibition in the world where you have take off your shoes before you go in.

Store Mosse is a haven for all types of wildlife and you can find your own overnight haven in the log cabins at Lövö, Svänö och Kittlakull that offer basic accommodation.

If you teach the kids to appreciate nature now you might have the next David Attenborough in the family.

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