Vindelfjällens Nature Reserve

Vindelfjällens Nature Reserve


Vindelfjällens Nature Reserve

Vindelfjällens Nature Reserve in legendary Lapland is one of Europe’s largest nature reserves and if it never changes it would be a good thing. The reserve is part of the ancestral home of the Sami, the indigenous people of Sweden who live and tend their reindeer herds in the reserve.

At 560,000 hectares, Vindelfjällens Nature Reserve is hugely impressive in terms of dimension, geological and climatic diversity and the species of flora and fauna that need its protection to survive. There are many different habitats for you to enjoy; low lying valleys, mountains, mountains heaths and vast sweeps of spruce and pine forest, lakes, deltas, mires, rivers and foaming streams.

The residents of Vindelfjällens Nature Reserve include the brown bear, elk, wolverine, beaver, the Arctic Fox, roe deer and reindeer. Birdlife includes the red-necked phalarope, the pied wagtails, robins and the spectacular gyrfalcon. You can also be a resident of Vindelfjällens Nature Reserve, albeit temporary, at one of the STF (Swedish Tourist Association) - run timber cabins dotted around the reserve.

For your information, Ammarnäs and Hemavan are popular places from which to start a tour of Vindelfjällens Nature Reserve. Believe us, you are going to fall in love with this place.

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