Abisko National Park

Lapporten in Abisko, Swedish Lapland


Lapporten in Abisko, Swedish Lapland

Come to Abisko for the biggest light show in the world. Seeing the Northern Lights is just one of the wonders you see at Abisko. Another is watching the sun set and rise within minutes of each other.

Apart from the heavenly wonders on show there is the park itself, with the Abisko Canyon and the Lappxne orchid, which is very rare. Mount Nuolja, part of which lies in the west of the park, offers fantastic views across Lake Torneträsk and Lapporten which is a famous u-shaped valley to the south-east. Take the chair-lift up the mountain and don’t miss the midnight sun that lasts from 27 May until 18 July.

Abisko National Park offers various guided tours and a restaurant, pub and shop in the park.

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