Northern Sweden and Swedish Lapland

  • The Northern lights in Swedish Lapland

    The Northern lights in Swedish Lapland

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Northern Sweden, including legendary Swedish Lapland, is unique. Where else can you visit the ICEHOTEL? Where else can you sit around the campfire with a Sami guide, sharing stories of your day’s dog sledding adventure, and sampling local delicacy souvas. Or gaze in wonder at the Northern Lights at the Aurora Sky Station.

In summertime go fly-fishing for salmon and arctic char in the midnight sun, or lace up your hiking boots and tackle the world-famous King's Trail (Kungsleden).

Arctic Circle cities Luleå and Kiruna are the last major outposts of civilization, modernity and comfort just minutes from the wilderness.

There is nowhere like Northern Sweden and Swedish Lapland.

Snowmobile in Swedish Lapland

Snowmobile through Swedish Lapland

A guided snowmobile safari in the wilds of Swedish Lapland is a mind-blowing activity. It’s just you, snow, expanses of whiteness and a bunch of fellow adventurers.

Fermented herring – Surströmming – a Swedish specialty

Fermented herring, surströmming

For your nose and your taste buds sampling surströmming is a bit like the feeling people get in the seconds before jumping out of an aeroplane – with a parachute on of course. In culinary terms surströmming is an extreme sport. Wild, wonderful and pure Swedish.

Räitavagge, Kebnekaise, Swedish Lapland

Swedish mountains

The mountains of Sweden are Caledonian-type reaching 2,000 m high at the Arctic Circle and offer excitingly steep tracts for mountaineers.

Design store “Aschebergsgatan 24” in Gothenburg

Swedish Design

The Swedish lifestyle is strongly reflected in the design - practical, democratic and sustainable. And it is much more than IKEA.



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